While all classes are taught by the Chief Instructor, Sensei William Max Winkler, Master Hidy Ochiai visits our martial arts school in Ashburn, VA every month to personally teach classes for 2 days per visit.

FREE Introductory

New students may try an introductory class for free during one of our All Ranks Karate classes. Please contact us to reserve a spot.


Little Pandas

The Little Pandas Karate Program is specifically designed by Master Hidy Ochiai for children 4-6 years old. It provides children with an introduction to traditional martial arts techniques, that are taught in an age-appropriate format within a supportive and safe environment. As part of their training, children will also be introduced to Master Ochiai’s acclaimed character education program, which is based in exercises to strengthen self-awareness and the mind/body connection. Children may transfer to the All Ranks Karate-do classes once they reach 6 years old, though they remain in Little Pandas until they reach the age of 7.

The Little Pandas Karate Program runs on a per session basis on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:15 – 6:00 pm. To find out when the next session of Little Pandas is starting, go here or contact us today.


All Ranks

All Ranks Karate classes are for students ages 6 and up and includes beginners, novice, intermediate, and advanced students. They follow a traditional training format found in Japanese karate, while respecting each individual’s pace. Students practice kata (form), pre-arranged situational self-defense techniques, sport-sparring, and strength and flexibility/strength drills. Requiring students to engage their mind and body on many levels, Wa-shin Ryu Karate-Do gives students an opportunity to better know themselves, to discover their true potential, and to become physically fit and proficient in self-defense.


Private Instruction

Private classes are offered on a one-on-one (private) and two-on-one (semi-private) basis. Since these classes are held during our off hours, they are ideal for those who cannot attend our regular classes times, but would still like to learn and train in traditional Japanese martial arts, or just to learn real-life, practical self-defense. These classes are also a perfect opportunity for current students to hone specific skills and get individualized focused training. Please contact us to inquire about times and pricing.